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A 12-month high-touch mentorship program for Generators & Manifesting Generators coaches who are serious about creating consistent & reliable income in their business without sacrificing their freedom.


“Kelly, you’re my business sherpa! The clear roadmap you gave me for building my coaching biz was exactly what I was missing. I’m now on track to have my most profitable quarter ever thanks to your guidance! Seriously. Thank you for being you.” - Tina D.

Are you struggling to generate consistent and reliable income in your business?

Girl, I get it.  It can be challenging & overwhelming to get off the rollercoaster and scale your business, especially when you need to maintain a steady flow of income to pay the bills. 

Can you just imagine all of the systems you need to implement, processes you need to create, and programs you need to build, plus creating a solid marketing/sales funnel to scale your business to consistent & reliable income - WITHOUT compromising your freedom? 

Yikes - I am getting stressed thinking about it - but don’t worry - I got you!  Keep reading…

I speak from experience because this is exactly what happened to me in January 2021. 

I essentially shut off the flow of income in my own business because I was only selling 1:1 services. I maxed out my schedule and burned out my passion because I sold more dollar-for-hour work than my business, mindset, and energetic capacity could handle. I literally didn't have any room in my schedule to sell anymore, my energy was drained, and I stopped bringing in more money into my business.

Two years ago, I did all the hard work that I am about to share with you to get myself off of the rollercoaster.  I tried new strategies and failed.  I learned a lot of painful lessons.  I learned some really cool things too.  Most importantly, as a 3/5 profile in Human Design - I did all of these things so you don't have to. 

As a Manifesting Generator, one of my superpowers is creating efficiencies.  I can be SUPER FAST.  So I pulled everything together and created an incredible program  to help & fast track you in generating consistent & reliable in your business because I don't want you stuck on the rollercoaster anymore.

  • And I know you’ve already binged all the business content on IG and YouTube. You’ve probably purchased a course or two (or ten!) and are still feeling lost on the next step to take. Okay, seriously - do you have the time to figure this all out on your own?

  • You’ve wasted time downloading freebie after freebie…and now you’re embarrassed to admit you still aren't where you want to be in your business. Consistent monthly income feels so freakin' out of reach. Creating reliable income isn't found inside freebies. Period. I know it sounds harsh but it had to be said (because I care about you!)

  •  Maybe you’ve spent hundreds or thousands of dollars trying to get support from other programs and biz gurus, only to be left with a financial burden bigger than the stress of not gaining tangible results like having a high-ticket program to offer your clients.

  •  You still don’t have that irresistible offer, the business processes in place, or your leadership skills honed to actually scale up, even after all that you’ve put into your business already…and that hurts to think about! I am tired of you not getting results which is why I am committed to action, implementation, accountability, and a clear pathway forward - you will get results when working with me.

I'm here to help you experience lasting freedom in a way that is both super strategic and energetically aligned to your unique Human Design. I leverage your energy type, strategy, and inner authority to guide you in creating a consistent income you can count on for years to come. I have a step-by-step plan that actually speaks to your sacral so you are lit up AF inside the UNLEASHED Biz Academy!

I am Curious, are You Stuck With...


1. The constant worry that you’re either going to keep working a soul-sucking job just to pay bills or return to a career you so desperately wanted to leave behind.


2. The belief you need to start with 1:1 coaching instead of jumping directly into group coaching.  


3. The story you need to offer a low-ticket service before jumping to a high-ticket program.


4. The recurring thought that being an entrepreneur is just too overwhelming with so many things to keep up with (tech, finance, marketing, sales, and operations...to name a few!).


If YES, then the Unleashed Business Academy is for you!

Apply today for the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™


UNLEASHED Biz Academy™

This is a 12-month mentorship program for Manifesting Generator and Generator coaches ready to get off the income roller coaster for good and create consistent income without sacrificing their freedom.


It’s not just another business coaching program packed with masculine strategies. It is a comprehensive container that blends your Human Design, spirituality, energetic alignment, mindset mastery, and proven strategies & skills to build a consistent income with ease.


Join and after 12 months, walk away with a rockin’ business that feels joyful, a reliable income that grants you freedom and flexibility, and a peer community to support you long after the program ends!


Take a Peak Inside the Academy

Wouldn’t life be better if you could…

Hop off the income roller coaster for good.  Imagine knowing how much money you were going to make each month, with the assurance that you had plenty of money left over after bills to do the things that light you up; travel, dine out, surprise your loved ones. How amazing would it feel to know you have a proven high-ticket offer in your pocket that you can rely on to make 5-10k months? You’d bring in this kind of cash all from your own biz – no more working for the man (or woman).

Stop stressing for a minute. For real though. I mean no more freaking out about money, where your next clients are coming from, how to promote yourself, if you’re on the right track…none of that! Put it to rest for good. And, no more burnout from running yourself in a million different directions. Imagine feeling genuine peace and joy as you grow your business. Ah, so good!

Know your exact next steps. No more guessing or winging it in your biz. You may have had some good beginner’s luck scoring your first clients, but the “hope and pray” method won’t get you consistent income. I promise. Just think how confident you’d feel if you had a clearly defined custom action plan specific to your marketing, sales, delivery, mindset, and operations. What if a seasoned business mentor walked you through, step-by-step, how to build the biz of your dreams?

Graduate Testimonial...

"Kelly’s guidance and unconditional love (feminine) coupled with tech and strategy (masculine) were invaluable! I’m not a masculine entrepreneur and I do business from the heart in a very feminine way. This program encouraged me to believe that the way I do business was the right way for me. 

If you feel like traditional business coaching is too harsh and masculine for you, and you resonate with a softer approach that isn’t obsessed with “become a 6 fig coach,” this Academy is for you. You will experience growth (internally, within your business, and monetarily) at your own pace." 

- Anneka T. | Health & Fitness Coach (UNLEASHED Biz Academy™ Graduate)

Here's a peak into what you'll learn inside UNLEASHED Biz Academy™

I'm sharing with you my personal proven Consistent Income Blueprint™ which will be your key to earning consistent income, without burning out or losing your freedom: 

  • Business Model focused on Impact & Freedom | We set the foundation for your business growth by creating the roadmap for designing, launching, and delivering your high-ticket group program. You'll understand why the 1:1 model won't serve you long-term and why one-to-many (group coaching) is the way to go if you want consistent income.   
  • Leverage Your Differentiation To Stand Out in a Crowded Market| I am not your typical business coach because I empower you to harness your unique Human Design in all aspects of your business. This Academy is designed specifically for Manifesting Generator and Generator coaches because, being a ManiGen myself, I know how these profiles thrive in business. That being said, everyone is unique and brings their own views, talents, skills, and gifts into their work. I'm going to show you how to embrace your individuality and sovereignty to become the most badass, unleashed, business owner you can be! 
  • Technology Upgrades: Introducing Automation and Processes | Tech can make or break an online coaching business. I'll show you how to make it work for you and I've taken out all the guesswork. We'll look at your current systems and evaluate them to see what upgrades or automation are necessary. Remember, you're building a high-ticket program that delivers impressive value. Your tech should reflect this quality uplevel in your business if you want your clients shouting your name from the rooftops. Tech is often a huge headache for newer coaches, but lucky for you, I'm a tech geek (call me a techie!) and have everything nailed down so you can focus on what you love most in your biz -- creating massive client transformations. 
  • Next-Level Skill Development: Leadership, CEO, & Group Facilitation | If you're serious about scaling your coaching business, you've got to learn how to be a CEO. Ditch the "this is my side hustle" story (it's so NOT serving you) and step into the badass boss that runs her thriving coaching business, has awesome tools and processes in place, delegates out the work that doesn't light her up, crushes her sales calls, and smiles every day because she's delivering epic results to her clients. Sounds good right? It takes mastering specific skills to make all that happen. I will teach you everything you need to know about leading a team, holding the energetics of a group, and mastering high-ticket sales. I gotchu girl. 
  • Shift Your Mindset: From Startup Coach to Steady Income & Stable Biz Coach | Success is 80% mindset and 20% skill. It's critical that your mindset supports your growth as you scale to create reliable income. If you believe you're not worthy of receiving high-ticket, recurring monthly income, or that there aren't clients out there who want what you have to offer... you're never going to make it in business (especially long term). You'll learn powerful mindset & somatic practices to keep you on track and aligned to attract and receive money with ease
  • Elevate Your Marketing: Bringing Consistent Leads into Your Program | Don't have a good lead-generation strategy in place now? You will! I'll walk you through a marketing strategy that is totally aligned with your Human Design so that it feels joyful. Whether you're using TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, podcasts, or local networking, you'll refine and nail down a lead-generation strategy that works best for you. I don't believe in giving formulas for marketing. Rather, I empower you to lean into what lights you up so you can become magnetic AF and attract your dream clients. 
  • High-Value Service Design Framework:  Build Your High-Ticket Irresistable Offer | Hold on because this is where the rubber meets the road. I'll guide you step-by-step on building out your irresistible high-ticket group coaching program...down to the teeniest detail! You'll be fully supported as you map out your program and start offering this scalable offer to your audience. This IS your way to consistent, reliable income so we want to be sure it knocks your socks off and you're head over heels in love with it! If you're not, your people won't be either. From initial planning to learning how to create safety in a group container, I will share everything I've learned over the last 15+ years about facilitating powerful group transformations.    

Here Are Your Bonuses...

Get a FREE Ticket to 1-Day VIP Rebuild Your Relationship with Money Workshop (next workshop is June 14th, 2023) (value $1,197)

Through the process of uncovering your deep-seated, limiting money stories you will gain powerful awareness of the obstacles that have been getting in your way and blocking you from the wealth that is already here for you. You will transform your money story into one of empowerment, energy, and excitement.  By energetically alchemizing your new money story, you will reprogram your body and mind to receive more money.

Get QUARTERLY Check-In Calls with Kelly or Our Success Coach ($1200)

We are committed to your success and when you enroll by the end of May 2023, you'll receive complimentary, quarterly 1-hour, 1:1 coaching sessions with Kelly or a member of our success team depending on what support you need at the time of your call. We'll review where you're at and what steps you need to take to continue moving forward in your business -- your personal cheerleaders are here for you! 

Get 12 High-Ticket Sales Practice Sessions To Help You Master HT Sales (value $2400)

Take advantage of monthly 1-hour interactive practice sales call sessions with your peers, Kelly or her Success Coach to hone your high-ticket sales skills. Practicing will enhance your confidence and communication skills, empowering you to boost your conversion rates and successfully close more deals. Concerned about handling objections? No need to fret; practice with one of our coaches and gain the ability to support any client towards their empowered choice with confidence.

Unlimited Submissions of Sales Recordings to Receive Personalized Feedback (value PRICELESS).

 Mastering your high-ticket sales calls is really that important. Throughout the entire program, you'll have the opportunity to receive feedback on your sales calls so that you can continue to gain confidence and convert more clients with ease. We'll share your highlights and areas for opportunity.  We believe in a heart-centered approach to selling on your calls - no pressure, no sleazy icky feelings -- just straight up, a genuine desire to support your clients in getting clarity on their next best step. 

Access our Private UNLEASHED Biz Academy™ Facebook Group (priceless)

Join dedicated peer coaches, a support coach, and Kelly in this exclusive private community. Connect with other Generator & ManiGen coaches, share ideas, brainstorm, ask questions, receive immediate feedback, celebrate your wins, and get personalized attention in this supportive and interactive container. 

Sound good? You get all this when you join the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™.

Apply now to book a convo & see is this is the next best step for you!


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Hey! Kelly here.

Can I be honest with you? 

I got into coaching during a period when I was totally over feeling stuck and stifled in corporate hell. And I supported dozens of women in their personal and professional development. I launched a variety of successful coaching programs, from supporting women through heartbreak to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs turn their Passion into Profit. 

But then I started to notice I was feeling burned out...like really burned out. I was completely maxed out in my 1:1 schedule and didn’t have the time, freedom, or energy that I had so desperately craved when I first jumped ship from my corporate life. My creative fire was kaput! Which is the worst thing for a ManiGen (as you probably know).

I couldn't grow my business anymore, reached my limits, and had officially sabotaged my own growth potential because I was so focused on booking 1:1s. I realized this was not a sustainable (or enjoyable) way to do business.

So I went all in and focused my energy on building a group coaching program that leveraged ALL of my knowledge, experience, and passion. 

One year later, I have a self-sustaining 6-figure business that affords me predictable monthly income, soulmate clients, and offers that light me up to share. 

And now? I want the same for you.

That’s why I created the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™. And I designed it specifically for Manifesting Generator and Generator coaches who are committed to making their business success non-negotiable. This program packs in everything you need to design, build, launch, serve, and scale your coaching biz using a high-ticket group program.  With your personalized step-by-step action plan along with energy & mindset mastery, plus community support, you will reach reliable monthly income – all from your own business! 

Let’s do this, sister.


You're invited to join me inside the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™ if…

  • You’ve had some success in business and are ready to get off the income roller coaster so you can serve more people, make reliable money, and experience time freedom. 
  • Being in a group setting lights you up because you know the value of group wisdom and community dynamics.
  • You crave a clear action plan for the exact steps to take in creating your offer, building your marketing funnel, delivering an effective group program, and automating all the tech that goes along with scaling.
  • You’re ready to make real connections + lifelong friendships. 
  • You are ready to step into the mindset and energetics of a consistent, high-income earner.

I want to make you a big BOLD promise:

When you join the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™,  I will show how to craft & deliver a high-ticket group coaching program ($3k-15k) to create the fastest path to consistent income without burning out.

 When you graduate, you will have:

  • Designed and developed a high-ticket group program that will generate consistent monthly, recurring revenue in your online coaching business.
  • Implemented technology, automations, and processes that will support your exponential growth.
  • Upleveled your confidence and become a solid group facilitator delivering high-value transformation to your clients.
  • Mastered your mindset and aligned your business energetics to be a consistent high-income earner.

Are you ready? 

Apply today for the UNLEASHED Biz Academy™

"Kelly helped me really create a perfect marriage of masculine & feminine practices to create a successful holistic health business. Having my business being developed around my Human Design has been so helpful for me. Kelly has given me the freedom and the empowerment to not only gain my perfect work-life balance but also achieve goals that I never thought were possible. I would recommend working with Kelly to anybody and I'm confident that she can change your life & business."

- Erica Z. | Natural Health Practioner & Founder of A Right Path Wellness

Are you in?

Here's what you'll get when you enroll.

 ✅ Consistent, reliable monthly revenue (entirely from your own coaching biz)

 ✅ Step-by-step action plan to design, build, market, sell, and deliver your high-ticket offer.

 ✅ Elevated marketing & sales funnel to consistently flow new leads into your program.

 ✅ Upleveled technology, processes, and automations to support your biz growth.

 ✅ Mindset and energetic alignment to sustain your consistent income.

 ✅ Community support from amazing peers also scaling their businesses.

Apply today for the Unleashed Biz Academy