Heart-Centered Business Services

Rebuild Your Relationship with Money

Get to the root of your money story so you can rebuild with confidence and magnetize the wealth you desire. Create the mind-body transformation necessary for attracting money into your life so you and your business can thrive.

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New Paradigm Leadership™ Academy

The academy is dedicated to helping you launch & scale your online business so you can optimize your time & capacity, increase your value, and maximize your impact while receiving the financial abundance you deserve.

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Activate:  Mindset Mastery Program

Upgrade your leadership & emotional mastery skills and overcome every barrier that is blocking you from reaching your next level of success.  You will accelerate your growth and quantum leap making manifest what your heart & soul truly desire.

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Impact:  Heart-Centered Sales Call Mastery

Boost your sales confidence and increase conversion rates for your high-ticket program.  This 4-week intensive hybrid coaching program is for the spiritual entrepreneur who sells her high-ticket program via sales calls and wants to increase conversion rates.   

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Human Design Services