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Boost your sales confidence and increase conversion rates for your high-ticket program.


IMPACT:  Heart-Centered Sales Training & Coaching Program


4-week intensive hybrid coaching program for the spiritual entrepreneur who sells her high-ticket program via sales calls and wants to increase conversion rates.   

“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” ~ Seth Godin

#1 Top Mistake Coaches Make on Sales Calls

You don't hold the deeper truth for your leads. 


Introducing IMPACT: Mastering The Heart-Centered Sales Call

A deep dive training and coaching program for the spiritual entrepreneur who wants to build her confidence & boost her conversion rates by selling a high-ticket program via sales calls.  

You love helping your clients, but sales calls aren't your thing.  

Clients love working with you and you are awesome at supporting them through their transformations. You know you can help more people with your valuable services and have a few great potential leads in your pipeline right now. The thing you still feel shaky about is how to handle the actual "sales call" which results in you avoiding your sales calls and enrolling new clients.  


You know how to ask questions on the call (or maybe not and that's okay) and can easily spot when someone is soul-aligned, but you get caught in your head about handling objections like no time, no money, not worthy...  Should you coach them? Just let them go? Panic sets in as soon as you hear they're not a "100% YES!"


These conversations can feel pretty sticky and you're not exactly sure how to navigate them; knowing you can help them but you don't want to sound pushy, sleazy, scammy, or even desperate. You want to sound authentic but haven't had a ton of sales experience and don't want to come off as fake. 


On top of feeling intimidated by navigating objections, you could also use help in knowing exactly how to set yourself up for success so you look & feel legit.  You're selling a high-ticket program, after all! This means knowing the best apps and technology to use, how to schedule calls, when to email reminders and follows ups...all that nitty gritty back-end stuff that is part of the client experience.


It's a lot to consider for just a single sales call and you know it's critical to nail down if you want to continue to grow your business. You're tired of losing dream-clients on calls, especially when you know you can help them. 


You’re ready to master the art of selling, once and for all. 

You CAN feel great during sales calls & WILL hear more "YES!" when you have improved sales skills and confidence combined with an effective sales process for enrolling the right clients.


Welcome to IMPACT: Master the Heart-Centered Sales Call Program


STOP using outdated sales strategies and cookie cutter scripts that aren't converting leads and make you feel sleazy.

START embracing what feels good to convert your leads into clients, in an authentic, heart-centered way - without out the ick.

What life is like after the program:

✨ Enjoyable because you have a go-to sales process that you love, is aligned, and works

✨ Fulfilling because you're enrolling soul-aligned clients and changing lives

✨ Easier because you aren't stressing about potential objections in your calls

✨ Aligned because you'll be serving without the "hard sell"

✨ Joyful because you know how to truly connect with your prospects during an enrollment call

✨ Lighter and energized because you have improved your sales skills and know how to guide your prospects to an embodied choice


By completing this heart-centered sales training, you’ll:

 🔹 Increase your sales enrollment conversion rates

🔹 Have your own, energetically-aligned go-to sales process

🔹 Be confident navigating objections and holding space for your client's decision

🔹 Bust through self-sabotaging patterns preventing you from showing up 100% to your sales calls

🔹 Receive valuable feedback on your (2) live 1:1 practice-calls 

🔹 Experience support & hot-seat coaching during our weekly (4) group coaching Q&A calls  

Here's what you'll learn inside the program:


This is a combo, live + recorded training program where you will learn how to master your enrollment calls in just 4-weeks and see your conversion rates increase. Single payment of $997 or Two payments of $525 (this is a one-time only beta price.  Price will increase next iteration.).


  • 4 comprehensive training modules to Master Heart-Centered Sales all (value $2,000)
  • 1 bonus training module to answer all of your sales questions (value $500)
  • 4 group coaching sessions (with hot-seats) (60-minutes each) (value $1,000)
  • 2 private 1:1 60-minute sales call practice sessions with coach + feedback + recording (value $500)
  • 4 workbooks to help define, implement, and improve your heart-centered sales call strategy (value $250) 
  • 1 EFT tapping sequence to transform your limiting beliefs around "sales is sleazy" (value $27)
  • 1 breathwork video to move into receptivity after making an offer (value $27)
  • Lifetime access to entire program

Total Value - $4,554

Pilot price is 80% of regular price.  

Payment Plan

$525 for 2 months

Pilot Pricing

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Pay in Full ($50 savings)

$997 Pay in Full

Pilot Pricing

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What happens after I click the enroll button?

  • You will be redirected to a payment page with solid security measures
  • Enter your payment information and register
  • Once payment is complete, you will receive an email from Kelly to get you started on your journey  
  • Celebrate the heartfelt choice you made for your life, business, and future
  • Your first training module will be delivered, Monday, February 6th

This program is for you, if you:

  • Are a spiritual entrepreneur wanting to do sales calls in a heart-centered way - no sleazy pressure!
  • Sell your high ticket (~1K+) program through a sales call
  • Have a call conversion rate of 50% or less 
  • Want to see immediate results from your investment (ie: more clients saying YES!)
  • Aren't afraid to roll-up your sleeves and implement the lessons
  • Desire a massive up-leveling in your sales confidence in 4-weeks
  • Want to know how to handle difficult conversations and objections with ease

This program is NOT for you, if you:

  • Don't want to do the work (ie: complete your live practice calls and implement feedback)
  • Don't have a high-ticket program offer (typically $1k+) through a sales call
  • Don't want a blended training program (recorded trainings + live Q&A + practice calls)
  • Don't see the value in investing in yourself and future
  • Don't like us
  • Don't like what this program is about

Let's just be clear. This is NOT:

  • About marketing (ie: ads, emails, social media, networking, etc)
  • About building your sales page
  • About technology implementation
  • About how to find your clients
  • A cookie-cutter strategy
  • A script-heavy program  

This program is all about alignment and building confidence on your enrollment calls.  Every client and every coach is different.

IMPACT teaches you how to confidently serve your clients through the sales call to help them come to their fully empowered choice -- without pressure so you can both leave feeling great! 

You'll actually learn to love sales calls by realizing they are simply an opportunity to support, not convince, your soul-aligned client.  With strategy and processes in place your sales call journey will be optimized, efficient, and effective which means you will welcome more clients into your programs!

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a hands-on program where you will master your heart-centered sales calls in just 4-weeks. 

Cart closes Sunday, February 5th at midnight CST.

Because this is a pilot program, we're offering a deep discount (69% off). Price  will be going up after this round.

I'm So Ready!

What happens after I click the enroll button?

  • You will be redirected to a payment page with solid security measures
  • Enter your payment information and register
  • Once payment is complete, you will receive an email from Kelly to get you started on your journey  
  • Celebrate the heartfelt choice you made for your life, business, and future
  • Your first training module will be delivered, Monday, February 6th

Meet Kelly

Hello!  I am Kelly, The Butterfly Guide.  I specialize in mentoring spiritual women entrepreneurs to build, grow, & scale heart-centered businesses so they can create a significant impact while generating financial abundance & success doing what they love.  

Did you know that 75% of new businesses fail within the first 3-years of launching? And women only make up 22% of the total population of new business owners. That means that for every ten women business owners who start their business, only 2-3 will succeed. That is a startling statistic! 

And the top reason why they fail is that 46% of entrepreneurs don't have any form of business education. This statistic is why entrepreneurs are DOING their business instead of LEADING their business.  

This gap is why I do what I do!  I attended over ten years of formal business & leadership training, earned my Masters's in business, and spent 25+ years in corporate, so you don't have to.

By mentoring with me, you get to bypass years of business training, hop on the fast track, and develop your business skills to lead your business to a 6-figure impact.  

My areas of expertise includes business strategy & leadership, issue & risk management, process improvement, team leadership, vendor management, and service design and delivery. Functionally, I have experience in sales, technology, human resources, and business operations.

I am very proud to share that in 2022 alone, I closed over $475,000 in sales through sales calls.

And my qualifications continue outside of corporate. I combine my 20+ years of energy studies and spirituality to deliver coherent business leadership training to my soul-mate audience. 

My proprietary framework, business coherency, blends business skills and strategies with spirituality, energetic-alignment, and mindset mastery to create a 6-figure roadmap for impact, freedom, and success.

Rising tides lift all boats. I want to be the ripple that rises tides and makes a positive impact.


Meet Christina

Hello! I'm Christina Dean (Butterfly Guide Business Partner) and I'm excited to support you in your journey to mastering heart-centered sales. 

I am a confidence coach who supports introverted women to feel inner peace in an very extroverted world. In addition to being introverted, I'm also highly sensitive, so after spending 11 years working in corporate leadership positions it's no surprise that I eventually burned out (mind body and soul)!

With a passion for serving others, I knew coaching was my path and because I knew sales was not a strength at the time, I hired a business coach and joined a mastermind to support me in this area. Since launching my coaching business, I have had the opportunity to support hundreds of incredible women (business I earned through sales call mastery).  

Truth be told, I completely bombed my first enrollment call but learned so many valuable lessons. The next one was a little easier, the next one a bit smoother, until eventually, I actually started looking forward to these calls and as my confidence grew, so did my enrollments. I've maintained a 90% enrollment rate of totally soul-aligned clients into my high-ticket coaching program and I'm pumped to share my insights with you so that you will have the same success -- AND higher! 

I can't wait to watch your confidence soar as you complete this powerful training. 

Wishing you much peace and love.