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Level 3 HD Reading


In this reading we will slow down and dive deeper into even more specifics about your.  Topics will include:

  • Your design for digesting life
  • How you optimally relate to your environment
  • How you view the world and yourself
  • How you think and how your mind processes information optimally
  • Identify most prominent areas of conditioning
  • Questions and self-reflection to begin the deconditioning process


  • 1 x 60 min. virtual session (session is recorded) 
  • Summary report included for your reference. 

What People Are Saying:

Kelly is an inspirational blend of heart, strength, trust, patience, and certainty as she leads her life and guides others to uncover, live, and enjoy their fullest life. It is who she is and what she naturally provides for others.

Patty Jackson

Understanding my HD has helped me understand and accept the things about myself that I formerly saw as a weakness. I now seem them as gifts, and can move forward with all of the great work I want to do in this world with convidence and love myself more.


Wow Kelly! You just helped me so much. Thank you for showing me how I can use my own human design to navigate some tricky life circumstances. Everytime we talk I feel LIT UP and ready to take on the world! You are my wise owl and I so appreciate how open, caring, candid, adn knowledgable you are. Thank you for being in my life!

Christina Dean