Realize success by creating your unique, heart-centered business plan.


Energetic alignment & heart wisdom paired with custom business strategies to build your 6-figure company. 

New Paradigm Leadership Academy™

A 6 or 12-month live group coaching & intimate mentorship program that helps you attract soulmate clients, scale to high ticket offers, and reach 6-figure impact.


This is a powerful & potent container for entrepreneurial skill building, integrating business coherence, and stepping into your role as CEO to build & scale your heart-centered and soul-aligned business.


Limited spaces are available. 

You’ve been hustling (hard) and are at a point where you feel lost AF on the next steps to grow your dream biz.

Something definitely feels off or out of alignment and your business has plateaued. Maybe you're switching gears in your business and want to do things smarter, not harder right this time. 

You’re taking the steps and staying in action but you just can’t see the path to 6-figures from where you are right now. 

It doesn’t have to be this way sister. Let me reassure you right now, there is a way to leverage your unique personality, skills, and gifts to create a strategic roadmap for your business to blossom.


New Paradigm Leadership Academy™


An ALL-IN-ONE 6 or 12-month business mentorship for heart-centered female business owners, coaches, and service providers who are ready to expand their impact, gain consistent clients, and feel fully aligned in business and life.

This is NOT your average business program for your not your average coach, healer, or health & wellness provider. It is totally unique because it leverages a new way of doing business.


This mentorship program helps you build a 6-figure business using the 4 core pillars of Business Coherence:
  1. Heart-wisdom
  2. Energy-alignment
  3. Mindset mastery
  4. Business skills, tactics, and strategies

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve taken the big leap to establish an impact-driven business. You have an offering (you’re maybe not so sure about) and you’ve booked some clients. Not consistently and definitely not enough to meet your exciting financial goals. 
  • You’ve been posting on IG, active on Facebook and are doing your best to put the word out about your offering and book calls.  
  • You’re just not getting much traction and it’s frustrating as hell because you know you can help people. It feels like you’ve been running on all cylinders to keep your business going and you doubt if you can keep going at this pace. Burnout is real.
  • You've realized some success and while rewarding, you still don’t feel like a CEO — more like you’re winging it. Some days it feels like you’re just playing dress up!
  • You don’t have a strategic plan in place, yet you know it’s an important piece of growing a business. 
  • Because you care so deeply about serving others, you are ready to take your business to the next level but it feels intimidating and out of reach with little capacity in your calendar to get started.  
  • You really want to know how successful entrepreneurs are doing it behind the scenes!

Stop trying to follow cookie cutter business strategies made for the masses; the masses aren’t you.


Start harnessing your inner wisdom and drop into flow to attract dream clients.

Welcome to New Paradigm Leadership Academy™

Just imagine…

  • You step into the leadership role of your business and lead your business to 6-figures.
  • You uplevel your purpose-driven business to match the impact & contribution you soul desires. 
  • You stop playing small and dimming your light, as you shift into the New Paradigm Leader, who accepts nothing less than feeling totally lit up everyday in business and life.  
  • You go from feeling scattered, confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated in your business to clear, aligned, and unstoppable.
  • You shift from 'winging it' or 'one-size-fits-all' strategies that aren't working for you to strategies that completely & authentically are aligned with who you are and what you believe so you can magnetize your dream clients with ease.
  • You fall completely head over heels in love with your company because it is everything you imagined.  
  • You step into your confidence and leadership, embrace your unique gifts and talents, and sell & service from a place of heart & soul. 


I am Ready for My Next Level of Success!

By Harnessing Business Coherence:

  • You will build and scale your business leveraging tactics and strategies that are a true & authentic representation of who you are

  • You will generate the money you desire from a place of flow and ease instead of stress and pressure

  • You will stop chasing your dream clients down and instead energetically attract your soulmate clients by stepping into your confidence, visibility and harnessing your brand essence through vibrational marketing

  • You will fall in love with your business and wake up each day passionately sharing your life's great work while enjoying the freedom lifestyle you desire

  • You will align with your full worth and offer high-ticket transformations to your soulmate clients, which means your client's are served above and beyond any other program they have experienced


Feeling amped, eager and ready?

There are limited spots available for this program so click the button to apply now. 

I'm Ready To Be the CEO my Business Deserves!

What's included with your enrollment:

  • 6 or 12-month high-touch mentorship for developing your business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and mindset skills to create 6-figure impact.
  • A mastermind community of high-vibrational women who are supportive, engaged, and motivated to grow together.
  • Access to my exclusive New Paradigm Leadership Academy Facebook community for ongoing support throughout the year. 
  • Weekly (Tuesday) workshops for skill building, mindset, energy alignment, and ‘get-shit-done’.  
  • Weekly (Thursdays) workshops for community love & individual support for where you are in growing and scaling your business.
  • Accountability structure to keep you on track towards realizing your dreams.
  • 12 or 18-month access to the entire online curriculum:
    • Business & entrepreneurial library
    • Technical library
    • Mindset mastery library
  • Additional tools we leverage inside the Academy include:
    • Breathwork
    • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
    • Meditation
Academy Application

Limited spaces are available. 

Ready to hear about our incredible Academy BONUSES?

When you sign-up for the New Paradigm Leadership Academy, you will receive the following bonuses:

  • With a 6-month, you receive:
    • A complimentary seat to our mindset mastery program, ActivateActivate is a 9-week group coaching program that will catapult you towards your next level of success by removing every mindset block and barrier stopping you from realizing your dreams (value $1,797).
    • A complimentary seat to our 1-Day Rebuild Your Relationship with Money workshop (value $297).
  • With a 12-monthly investment, you receive:
    • Everything the noted above, plus
    • 12 private 1:1 support sessions with Kelly to receive focused, dedicated guidance in reaching your personal next level (value $3,597).  

I’ve been teaching business coherence strategies to my clients and the results have been fantastic!


  • Sam went from a maxed out 1:1 schedule that wasn’t meeting her financial goals to launching a pilot program and earning over 3K in the first 3-weeks of the program.
  • Susie went from experiencing multiple bottlenecks in her business and stagnating growth to deploying strategies that helped her overcome her obstacles and course correct her business expansion.
  • Kathy went from just having an idea (for over 2 years) to building a team and launching her passion, her dream, and her mission in life.  Launching a Tiny Park community on the East Coast and launching her online coaching business.
  • Sarah went from being stagnant and stalled in launching her business to launching her first pilot program in the first two-weeks of working together.
  • Anna went from being stagnant and unfulfilled in her career to stepping into her higher purpose and creating offers that aligned with her heart and soul.
  • Sophia went for no job prospects, to attracting over 5 perfect-for-her job opportunities, and accepting an offer that matched her worth (she stopped settling and stopped playing small).

"What do I get?"  

Inside the New Paradigm Leadership Academy, you'll uplevel your leadership, business, & entrepreneurial skills to take your business to new heights.

  • Establish a solid foundation to grow & expand upon
  • Clarify your message & identify your soulmate clients
  • Define your marketable transformation (your offerings)
  • Develop your entrepreneurial mindset mastery because being a business owner is not for the faint of heart
  • Cultivate your unique wealth & impact formula (leverage your differentiation)
  • Embrace visibility and BEing your brand ambassador (marketing)
  • Build your heart-centered sales skills to convert your leads into clients with integrity
  • Hire and train your dream team to maximize your time as the leader of your business
  • Leverage partnerships and collaborations for business growth and expansion
  • Uplevel your coaching & service delivery skills
  • Leverage systems, processes, & automation to maximize time
  • Step into the CEO role of your business and lead through growing pains, struggles, and alignment with confidence 
  • Cultivate faith and trust throughout your soulpreneur journey to become unstoppable

"What happens after I click the button to enroll?"

  • You'll complete a quick 11-question application to join the Academy.
  • We will review and reach out to schedule a 1-hour clarity call to determine if the New Paradigm Leadership Academy is the best choice for you. 
  • If it’s a match, we’ll select a kick off date for you to begin your path to 6-figure impact!
Apply Today

This is for you if:

  • You have a deep yearning and call to do this work. You've been asking for guidance and you know you're meant for more.
  • You crave working with a business coach who thinks outside of the box. Kelly approaches business very differently. She blends heart-wisdom, energetic alignment, and mindset mastery with business skills, tactics & strategies (this is her signature method) to build & lead a 6-figure business.
  • You created a company that is running you instead of you running the company.
  • You feel lost when it comes to BEing the CEO of your business because you haven't focused on building your entrepreneurial skills, leveraging aligned-strategies, or laying a solid foundation for growth
  • You are not hitting your financial goals in your business despite doing ‘all-the-right’ strategies that other experts have told you to do.
  • You are starting to veer away from the reason why you launched your business in the first place.
  • You feel out of alignment with your business as each day and month rolls on.
  • You want a damn breakthrough! You're ready to bust through the fear, enroll steady clients, and experience sustainable results! 

🛑 This is not for you if:

  • You want a coach to give you a business-in-a-box solution. Kelly approaches business differently; building your entrepreneurial skills from the inside out so you can build a sustainable 6-figure business.
  • You don’t like Kelly or her leadership style. This is an opportunity to work with a business mentor over a 6 or12-month period. If you don’t jive with Kelly’s approach or personality, that’s perfectly okay.
  • You don’t have the time to commit to growing your business each week. The average hourly commitment is 4-8 hours a week.
  • Your only offering is an online course. While online courses are awesome, Kelly excels at mentoring online service-based entrepreneurs (or those seeking to move online).
  • Your goal is to reach 7-figures in your business in the next 12 months. This Academy won’t meet you where you are..but we're celebrating you for crushing it! 
  • You're not willing to talk about spirituality, energy, heart-wisdom, and metaphysics. Kelly’s approach blends masculine skills, tactics, and strategies with feminine heart-wisdom, energy-alignment, and mindset mastery for holistic business training.
  • You are just starting to toy with the idea of starting a business, but aren’t ready to go all in.

I don't coach you to be more like me and my business.

I don't stand behind the current trends in the coaching industry of disempowering new business owners from owning their unique gifts.  For example, "You must do XYZ in order to be successful" (XYZ as in Facebook Ads, be on ALL social media platforms, engage in 'bro' marketing, or scarcity tactics).  This approach is the old toxic masculine way of doing business and it is time that we do business differently (the blended masculine and feminine way).

Right now, the secret to success is business coherence; an integration and blending of masculine tactics and strategies with feminine heart-wisdom, energy alignment, and mindset mastery into our businesses.

As your Intuitive Business & Mindset Coach, I partner and mentor you to develop the business, leadership, and entrepreneurial skills so that your business is a complete reflection of who you are. Your uniqueness is your differentiating factor in this saturated market. I empower you to become a New Paradigm Leader; she who integrates heart, soul, and energy into her company and is steadfast in sharing her gifts & talents with the world.

I bring 25+ years of corporate business & leadership experience

to each of my coaching programs and share the valuable lessons I’ve learned so you can skip to the good parts of leading a business! With a Masters in Business Administration, I have honed the necessary skills to run a successful business and as part of my professional development, became certified in transformational coaching and facilitation. It is with great pleasure that I’m able to share wisdom with you so that you too can feel confident leading and facilitating your clients through powerful transformations while realizing 6-figure impact in your business.

I’ve always been drawn to feminine, spiritual practices and received my teaching certifications in Usui® and  Karuna® Reiki.  In addition to energy work, I am a Modern Day Priestess® with the Institute of Modern Day Wisdom.  When you work with me, you are working with someone who truly walks the talk of embodying both the masculine and femine in her business and life – key ingredients to my path to alignment, success and 6-figure impact. I'm so excited to partner with you on your path for I subscribe to partnership and mentorship instead of power & force.

New Paradigm Leadership™ Academy Curriculum

Module 1

Building a solid foundation for your business expansion

Module 2

Leveraging your differentiation (Human Design)

Module 3 

Deep dive into marketing & client attraction

Module 4

Creating your irresistible, high ticket or group offer

Module 5

Learn the heart-centered sales approach

Module 6

Advancing your coaching skills for maximizing client transformation

Module 7

Leveraging systems & technology to your advantage

Module 8

Embrace BE-ing the leader of your heart-centered business

Module 9

Mastering operations and project management

Module 10

Harnessing your financial management skills to support 6-figure growth

Module 11

Maximizing your professional partnerships and collaborations

Module 12

Leverging time and hiring a support team

Module 13

Exploring the Money Mindset Intensive


Business Energetic Tools


Emotional Mastery Tools


Business SOS Corner 

This is EVERYTHING I Need!

Don't forget about your

Mindset Mastery bonus! 

Receive a complimentary seat in the 9-week Mindset Mastery live groupcoaching program, Activate:

  • Module 1:  Creating a Heart-Centered Vision for Your Next Level of Success
  • Module 2:  Transforming Fears into Allies
  • Module 3:  Energetically Aligning & Busting Through Limiting Beliefs
  • Module 4:  Rebuilding Your Relationship with Money
  • Module 5:  Healing Your Core Feminine Wound
  • Module 6:  Healing Your Core Masculine Wound
  • Module 7:  Cultivating Faith, Trust, and Surrender
  • Module 8:  Building Daily Habits for Success
  • Module 9:  Keeping the Magic Flowing All Year
I'm Ready for All of This

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