Breakthrough Your Money Blocks

1-Day Transformational Workshop

You are invited to join us on June 14th for a full-day workshop to clear your money blocks and align with abundance.

Upgrade My Money Mindset









Right now, you are...

  • Working hard in your business but can't seem to reach those 5k or 10k months that you long for because something is blocking you.
  • Avoiding receiving loads of money because you see it as being greedy or selfish.
  • Avoiding making high-ticket offers because you don't feel like you are worth it.
  • Giving away your services for next to nothing because that's what entrepreneurs do when they are more focused on making an impact than making money.

Are you...

  • Hesitant to invest in yourself and your business because as soon as the money leaves your bank account panic sets in that you're going broke?
  • Are you grasping on to money so tightly that the thought of spending it on vacation, nice clothes, or even a business investment makes you physically uncomfortable?


Or, are you on the opposite side of the spectrum?

Are you enjoying money flowing into your business, but are starting to sabotage your success?

Are you unconsciously blocking the flow because making money (and lots of it) is a BIG responsibility and you have seen rich people do bad things with money?

Problem is...

Your relationship with money was influenced, at an early age, by your parents, caregivers, education system, culture, and society.

Whatever beliefs they had were instilled on you and informed your relationship with money.

Your beliefs about money were skewed from the very beginning.

You have given money a persona and a reputation.

You have already decided that money is good or evil.

But, have you ever truly stopped to define your relationship with money or are you believing in the reputation that precedes it?

You haven't met the true, authentic version of who Money is (yet!)

Just imagine the current version of money is standing there with so much mud slung at it that it looks like a walking blob of mud and dirt.  Now is the time to chip away at the clay and discover who money truly is.

Just imagine how it would feel if...


  • You transformed your relationship with money by releasing your fears, doubts, and old money stories and created a healthier connection to money.
  • You had specific tools in your toolbox to rebuild your relationship so the next time you receive a bill or want to make a purchase you won't cringe at the thought of spending money.
  • You approach money conversations from a place of empowerment and appreciation rather than resistance and mistrust; knowing that money is here for you and will amplify your vision.
  • You knew exactly how to maintain an empowered money mindset and energy, especially in times when you don't reach your monthly financial goals.
  • You knew exactly how to easily and effectively release energetic blocks that prevent you from receiving the money you desire.

How would it feel to step into limitless possibility when it comes to making and receiving money?


(I can help you get there!)


I'm Ready to Change My Money Story


Breakthrough Your Money Blocks

1-Day Transformational Workshop

June 14, 2023


For heart-centered leaders & entrepreneurs who want are ready to shift from lack to abundance.

It's Time to Shift My Money Stories

Ready to rewrite your money stories & open to abundance?

Right now, you realize there's a big disconnect.

Something desperately needs to change because the money thing is just not happening for you.

  • You know deep down that it is possible to have a strong relationship with money.  You've seen other entrepreneurs make it rain and you are ready to attain that level of abundance!
  • You're exhausted from worrying abount money and crave feeling at ease with your finances and income.
  • You have tried reading all th money mindset books and binge the money podcasts, but haven't seen real progress.  It just seems to evaporate.

Through the process of uncovering your deep-seated, limiting money stories you will gain powerful awareness of the obstacles that have been getting in your way and blocking you from the wealth that is already here for you.

  • You will transform your money story into one of empowerment, energy, and excitement.  By energetically alchemizing your new money story, you will reprogram your body and mind to receive more money. 


Walking away from this experience, you will have an entirely new relationship with money and will deeply understand that money is indeed your friend, you can depend on it, and you can lean into it. 

  • You will have a valuable tools so future-you can continue re-orienting to an abundance mindset. Your energy towards money will feel lighter, more expansive and genuinely inspired.   
I Am Ready!

Here is how to move from lack to abundance

Shifting from lack to abundance is truly an inside-out job. This requires a team effort from the mind and the body. We transmute your old beliefs and really ground into new, empowered beliefs on a deep cellular level.

We are not talking about a surface level transformation through this process; it combines both cellular work and mindset work.

We map out how to build this new money relationship into your life. You’ll learn how to leverage and maintain the orientation to the truth that money is good and money is your friend. 

We are introduced to what money really is and embrace a whole new energy towards money.  

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And You Even Get...

  • A comprehensive workbook to refer to again and again.
  • Powerful journaling prompts to use whenever you need a reboot.
  • 10 Money EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) sequences to re-write your limiting beliefs around money.


What is EFT?

  • A powerful therapy that combines gentle acupressure and conscious language to create a balance in our energy system while rewiring our neural pathways.
  • EFT works on both cognitive and somatic levels. 
  • An evidence-based self-help therapeutic method with over 100 studies demonstrating its efficacy.


I Am Ready!

I help heart-centered women leaders & entreprenuers redefine their relationship with money, success, and happiness.


Let's Do This!