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The science of differentiation

What is Human Design exactly? It is the Science of Differentiation.  We are all unique beings with unique gifts.  However in life we are conditioned by well-meaning people who teach us how to live, how to relate to others and what love means. Human Design offers a map, or a manual, that indicates how you are unique as a person, and guides you in living in a manner that is in sync with who you are.  It is a combination of ancient technologies; I Ching, Kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics.

If you could have a roadmap to winning at life, love, and relationships, would you be curious?

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Imagine What Becomes Possible When You Have a Crystal Clear Roadmap for Living Your Best Life!

Knowing Your Design Can Help You in...

  • Human Design (HD) gives you practical day-to-day guidelines you can leverage immediately to make huge impacts in your life, career, and relationships.  You will understand how to align with your internal strengths and live out your potential.
  • HD is an incredible tool to learn self-love and how to honor, listen, and respect yourself. It will show you your uniqueness and your highest potentials. HD will help you discover your authentic self, which is key to winning at life, love, & relationships.
  • HD helps you end the struggles, drama, and energy-draining activities and experiences in your life and will teach you to align with what lights you up.
  • It permits you to live in the ways you need to move through life, not the way society tells you to, based on your unique constellation of strengths and weaknesses. For many, this understanding leads to greater self-acceptance.

"Kelly has demystified Human Design for me.  She has a unique way of blending all of this information into down-to-earth meaning and practical examples which left me empowered & feeling great about myself."

What is included in a Human Design Level 1 Reading?

Your HD Level 1 reading will cover the most important foundational and transformational aspects of Human Design.  Ra Uhu Uh (founder of HD) notes that the foundational aspects we cover in your first reading are enough to significantly impact all areas of your life if you choose to embrace and incorporate the information. 

Your reading provides you with:

  • Practical day-to-day tools to uplevel in life, love, & relationships
  • An understanding on how to operate and interact energetically with life according to your unique design
  • Insights on how to maximize opportunity, flow, and synchronicities in life
  • Strategies to align with your design, overcoming obstacles, and early childhood conditioning
  • An understanding on how you are designed to make decisions that align with your soul (hint: it is not with your head)
  • A deeper understanding of how you are designed in the areas of emotions, instincts & intuition, pressure to get things going, desires & creativity, motivation, direction & love, communication & manifestation, inspiration, and thoughts, opinions, and points of view
  • A deeper understanding on how you are meant to experience your life (aka the themes of your life)
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Human Design is a system that shows you how you are energetically designed, and how to best respond to the world around you.

What is included in a Human Design Level 2 Reading?

The truth is, HD is filled with so much information that it is impossible to share all in just your Level 1 reading.  Here in level 2, we dive deeper into your design and get into even more specifics.  

Your reading includes:

  • Any and all questions from your Level 1 reading
  • Your energetic treasure map of your brilliance (gates and channels)
  • Your path you are designed to live out during your life (incarnation cross)
  • Your unique life mission statement based on planetary alignment on your birth date and 3 months before your birth
    • Your life and soul purpose (Sun)
    • Your grounding and balancing energies (Earth)
    • Your driving force (Moon)
    • Your past and future direction (South and North Nodes)
    • Your personal learning energy (Saturn)
    • Your inner lessons (Jupiter)
    • Your spiritual purpose and path (Neptune)
    • Your communication blueprint (Mercury)
    • Energies to master to deepen what you are here to share with the world (Kiron) 
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"Thank you for showing me how I can use my own Human Design to navigate some tricky life circumstances.  Every time we talk I feel LIT UP and ready to take on the world!"

What is included in a HD Level 3 Reading?

 A HD Level 3 reading is designed to take you deeper into your energetic blueprint to understand your uniqueness as it relates to your digestion, environment, perception, awareness, and cognition (the 4 arrows).  We will also discuss the most prominent areas of conditioning in your chart so you can laser in on those areas to start the deconditioning process.

Your reading includes:

  • Your design for digesting life (both physically and metaphorically)
  • How you optimally relate to your environment (physical and the people around you)
  • How you view the world and yourself
  • How you think and how your mind processes information optimally
  • Identify most prominent areas of conditioning in your chart
  • Questions and self-reflection to begin the deconditioning process


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"Wow!  Even though I was tired on the day of my Level 1 reading, I felt totally energized after our call.  I hadn't felt that alive for so long, it surprised me!"

What is included in a Human Design Partnership Analysis?

A Human Design Partnership Analysis is a wonderful opportunity to review charts between two people and discover areas of conditioning, amplification, attraction, learning, and challenges.  Self-awareness is empowerment and the more you learn about yourself and the other significant people in your life, the more empowered you are to win at life, love, and relationships.

Partnership Analysis readings are great for romantic partners, business partners, and parent/child relationships.

Your reading includes:

  • An understanding of areas of influence where a natural push and pull will appear
  • An understanding of areas of dominance where one partner will naturally influence the other
  • An understanding of areas of friendship where similarities are revealed
  • An understanding of areas of attraction where electromagnetic possibilities exist 

Note:  Both partners must have their individual reading done first before their partnership reading.

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