Why I changed my niche & why it was the BEST decision for me

Mar 01, 2022

Change is scary.

Can you imagine building a business over 12 months and suddenly realizing, THIS ISN'T GOING TO MAKE YOU HAPPY!

I remember December vividly.

I was approaching the end of the year, conducting several Human Design sessions a week, and I realized I needed to let something go that didn't light me up.

Integrity is my core value, and I remember thinking if I told my clients to let go of what doesn't light them up, I had to do the same. (I am a Manifesting Generator).

Well, my niche wasn't lighting me up. It was a HUGH pivot in my business. Thinking about changing my niche was scary.

I remember shaking when I decided to do a FB live and share inside my FB group that I was no longer serving this group of women.

That big scary step of letting my niche go was the opening I needed to step into my soul's work fully; to combine my 25+ years of business and technology with 20+ years of energy studies and 10+ years of spiritual development to serve heart-centered women entrepreneurs.

The following month I hit my first 10k month in business.

So my question is, do you need to make a BIG, scary change in your business?

And, do you need support. If so, DM me SUPPORT @TheButterflyGuide, and let's have a chat. You don't have to do this alone.

xoxo, Kelly 🦋

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