Therapy vs Coaching

change coaching transformation Nov 28, 2021

“What is the difference between a coach and a therapist?” 👈🏻 I get asked this question a lot so I put this together. ​


I did some research on this with current clients and women in my FB community, Becoming Extraordinary.

Some have said:

  • Therapy scratches the surface
  • Transformation Coaching goes deeper and creates deep change.


Here are more differences:

​(Please note that I respect all therapies and I know every therapist is different, just like every coach is different. In fact, some of my current clients see a therapist and are enrolled in my program at the same time) ​


*** I also want to clarify that I am a Transformation Coach vs a Life Coach. There are differences here too. ​


Send me an email with your thoughts to [email protected].

What has been your experience with either?

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