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empowerment feminine power limiting beliefs possibility Apr 25, 2021

I was in a conversation the other day with a woman who was clearly stuck on making a decision about her relationship. Let's name this woman Susie. Susie was almost paralyzed with fear over her two options:

  • Option 1, formalizing the relationship because both of them were "one foot in and one foot out"
  • Option 2, ending the relationship

She wanted my advice because more than anything she didn’t want to make the wrong decision and she knew that I would stretch her to look at her options differently.

One of the foundational principles in Feminine Power is opening to possibility.

In a world where you are supported and possibilities are endless, what is possible?

Moving beyond limits and expectations isn’t easy; it is a muscle that I need to exercise and strengthen daily because we live in a very “limited mindset” world. And, I promise, over time, living in possibility gets easier and easier and easier.

Susie and I explored her two options. We also explored a third option; being in the relationship just as it is, "one foot out and one foot in", and harvesting the blessings, lessons, and love within that dynamic.

Susie hadn’t thought about giving herself permission to be in a "one foot in and one foot out" relationship. At the end of our conversation, her heart was transformed as she recognized many lessons and blessings that she was receiving from the relationship in this context.

It reminds me of Garth Brook’s song, Unanswered Prayers. Sometimes we want so much for something to look a certain way that we pass up other possibilities and Garth was truly grateful that his prayers weren't answered.

  •  What if, where you are at right now is perfect for you?
  • What if, right now you don’t need to make a decision? You just need to BE.
  • What if, right now what you are experiencing is filled with blessings and beautiful lessons and if you opened to receiving those blessings you would be transformed?

Today, give yourself permission to live in possibility!

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