Real Talk 🔦Lets take the 'scary' out of transformation

change chrysalis codes transformation Jul 25, 2021

Truth is, transformation is scary. It's scary for two reasons:

  • First, when you commit to change you often don't know where you are headed. Not only is your destination unknown, but your path to get there is also unclear. Transformation asks us to leg to of control and trust the process which goes against the grain of modern-day life.
  • Second, at a deep, soulular level, your ego knows that you are about to change and that change creates a very unsettling feeling which produces resistance. It is your ego's job to remain who it is and the very essence of change is to become different.


These are the two main reasons why so many women stop before they begin. It is also why transformation is scary. So stop and ask yourself right now these three questions:

1.) Are you resisting?

2.) What are you resisting?

3.) Why are you resisting?


Awareness and honesty are crucial actions at this junction. Without awareness and self-honesty you can't face fear in the eyes and see it for what it is..... False Evidence Appearing Real.


Now, there are many proven practices and disciplines to help support you through your transformational process. That is why transformational coaches and programs exist.


One practice that I wholeheartedly believe in is pausing and assessing the situation at a 50,000-foot level. Look at a map to get a lay of the land and become familiar with the new territory. Doing so will ease some of the F.E.A.R. Image being a bird way up high above the clouds looking down and seeing the start, middle, and end of the transformational journey. If you knew what you were about to go through, would it help? I think so.


I invite you to lean into the wisdom of the butterfly to gain a 50,000-foot level perspective. The transformational story of a caterpillar to a butterfly paves the way for you to deeper understand the nature of transformation.


The butterfly reminds us that within each one of us we are not meant to stay a caterpillar. We are meant to become an exquisite butterfly and the wisdom is already within us. The caterpillar knew what it was doing all along it just needed to trust and surrender.


Check out my 11-minute audio clip of , to dive deeper into the wisdom of the butterfly.


Next week we will carry on with part two.

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