A New Way of Doing Business; Business Coherence

business strategy Jul 17, 2022

For years, businesses have thrived on strategy and action while repressing the heart & soul of leaders and employees.

This is what I refer to as toxic masculine energy in business.  (No, I am not talking about gender.  I am referring to the masculine and feminine energy that we all have in our energetic bodies.)

​I am curious, have you ever dimmed your light, silenced your voice, or held yourself back so that you can ‘fit’ in a corporate culture. 


I have.  Not only did I give away my power; others made sure I was powerless as well.


I remember crying as I drove into work because I would be silenced that day, or underutilized and undervalued.  I deeply wanted to avoid going to work because I was repeatedly told to dim my light so I wouldn’t rock the corporate boat.  Not only did the status quo become the norm, anyone that wanted a better experience was silenced.  And I know this firsthand because, at a leadership meeting, I was told to “shut up” as the VP raised her hand to me and asked someone else to speak on behalf of my project. 


The times of hyper masculine (or toxic/wounded masculine) operated businesses are changing, and the scale is tipping to a more balanced & integrated way of doing business.

This is the new paradigm that is emerging in business.


My experience in corporate has led me to this moment of being a thought leader in the new paradigm space of business leadership and entrepreneurship.


Because of my experience in corporate, I decided to create a new possibility.  A new paradigm of doing business differently and I have begun teaching and mentoring others in this new way of leadership and business ownership.  A way where both the masculine and feminine are embraced, not repressed. 


My proprietary framework, business coherence, is the new paradigm of doing business differently.


This framework combines the masculine (strategy & action) with the feminine (heart-wisdom, energetic alignment, & mindset mastery) for a blended approach to leadership and entrepreneurship.

By harnessing business coherence:
​💫 You will build and scale your business leveraging tactics and strategies that are a true & authentic representation of who you are

💫 You will generate the money you desire from a place of flow and ease instead of stress and pressure

💫 You will stop chasing your dream clients down and instead energetically attract your soulmate clients by stepping into your confidence, visibility and harnessing your brand essence through magnetic marketing

💫 You will fall in love with your business and wake up each day passionately sharing your life's great work while enjoying the freedom lifestyle you desire

💫 You will align with your full worth and offer high-ticket transformations to your soulmate clients, which means your client's are served above and beyond any other program they have experienced

💫 You will feel so incredibly lit up by your life and business.  You will experience freedom and self-expression on a whole differently level which everyone around you will feel as well.

As you read this post, I want you to know you have a choice

You can do business differently too. 

You no longer need to build your business by dimming your light, silencing your voice, using tactics and strategies that feel so misaligned it feels gross, or hiding the best parts of you in your business. 

I have created a roadmap to leverage & integrate both the masculine and feminine within you. 

It is called business coherence.

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