Affirmation that will change everything!

activation empowerment limiting beliefs Jun 13, 2021

Affirm to yourself, "My very existence is more than enough to ____________."


After I ended my second failed relationship post-divorce, I paused and really spent time going deep into my beliefs about relationships.


It was time to look at how I approached relationships and how I showed up in partnership & love. I did a lot of work on myself post-divorce and this clearly needed my attention.


What I needed was a complete reboot, deconstruction, and reconstruction of my core beliefs around love, relationships, partnership, and connection.


I enrolled in a 12-week coaching program which gave me the tools, knowledge, and wisdom to approach love & partnership in a whole new way.


My mantra became "My very existence is more than enough to fulfill my beloveds wildest dreams".


I said it until I felt it. And I said it often.


Halfway through the program, I met my husband. That was three years ago and we very recently got married.


Even to this day, he will say, "You... Just you.. I love everything about you".


My very existence IS more than enough to fulfill his wildest dreams!


So how will you finish this sentence, "My very existence is more than enough to ______________."


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