The Concept of Community and Health

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When we think of health some of us think of a pill; while others think of exercise, clean air, and fresh foods.

The prior can be found in the majority of American communities through doctors, clinics, hospitals, and corner pharmacies. But what about the latter?

We already know from studies that diabetes and obesity risk increases in urban neighborhoods that do not have access to decent grocery stores or farmers markets.

Common sense might also tell us that people are more willing to toss a Frisbee, go for a jog, or take a bike ride on safe paths and in enjoyable areas; rather than in areas already clogged with cars or where there are structures that create obstacles for pedestrians, or where there are few open and safe areas for sports.

“ The traditional American diet is not well balanced with healthy foods. Eating habits are passed on within families, influenced by the media, and predisposed to fast food. Access to healthy food is not a shared resource for everyone. Some folks live within food deserts where fresh fruits and vegetables are hard to find.

We can all turn a blind eye to the rising rates of childhood obesity and blame it on the individual. But nobody lives in a vacuum. We know the place where one lives can be a contributing factor to a child’s health issues. Take a look at your community and make sure it is walkable, bikeable, offers healthy eating choices and educates everyone on what it takes to live a healthy life. Don’t wait for someone else to take the lead. Organize a group of interested parties and watch the movement grow.”


Healthy Living

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I was reading an article recently that just resonated and I had to share:

“Natural foods – not drugs or surgery – are the keys to good health and longevity.

Thankfully, clinical studies are revealing these facts, and many so-called “alternative” physicians are providing their patients the help they truly need. People are finally being tuned on to the fact their food is loaded with too much salt, sugar and other harmful additives such as hydrogenated oils; and that these additives are a contributing factor to many of the diseases and ailments plaguing our society. Fats from meats and dairy products bring on killer illnesses such as heart disease, and starchy foods are contributing to the ridiculously high diabetes rate. Our diets are the root cause of maladies including cancer, digestive problems, cardiovascular disease and even depression and anxiety.”

To read more about the connection between lifestyle and health continue reading at The Reporter

Exercise wins again

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While we may assume the connection between taking care of one’s mind and body with having improved health is a no-brainer, it still never hurts to have it confirmed.

A study by UCLA scientists have found a positive correlation between increasing muscle mass and decreasing risk for type 2 diabetes. Its simple enough to believe. After all, part of being healthy enough to prevent chronic diseases includes movement and exercise. While the study may be measuring muscle mass, we have to consider what caused that muscle mass to develop: the answer is movement. Lucky for us movement does not need to be prescribed by a doctor, made in a lab, or approved by the FDA. It just requires finding that inner motivation and self care, and even if it takes coming down with a chronic disease before that motivation kicks in don’t despair. Plenty of people have managed to reverse the effects of diabetes by changing their diet, exercise habits, and how they look at health.

To read about the UCLA study you can visit:

Food for Thought

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Diabetes, an illness that can often be prevented or even stopped by a healthy diet and exercise, has reached a high of 347 million adult victims world wide according to recent research

(read about it in world news at or in the Wall Street Journal at

The simple question becomes do we choose to eat garbage foods sold in commercials that run right after pharmaceutical ads, get a lifelong illness, and hope that taking a medication for as long as we live will keep it under control?

Or would we prefer that doctors focused more on real nutrition and exercise rather than pills? What about turning off the commercials advertising things that are so unhealthy that they need million dollar campaigns just to convince you that you will enjoy them, be beautiful, and have a long and happy life if you just take their product regularly and as directed?

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